This page is exclusively set apart for American stones.  We carry a large inventory of Virgin Valley Opal Specimens, both limbs
and conk.  World Flair also carries Ellensburg Blue Agate, as well as Nephrite Jade found in Washington.  Also in inventory is
Idaho Opal solids, doublets and triplets.     Montana sapphires in various colors and Fire Agates from the Southwest.   I have
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and some beautiful Holly Blue Agate (lavender chalcedony) from Oregon.

We have just acquired a large collection of Arizona Fire Agate.  Various sizes, and qualities.  Stones running from
$100 to $2000.   

World Flair Ellensburg Blue Agate for sale-

Lapidary rough available as well as custom jewelry, faceted and cabochon stones.  You can purchase a rough piece, have it
cut, or pick a stone already finished.  Then design your own custom jewelry in Platinum, 14 Kt, or Sterling Silver.  I personally
guarantee all stones to be genuine Ellensburg Blue Agate.    I have personally found and cut these stones.  Ellensburg Blue
Agate which gained its popularity in the 1930’s, according to Forbes Magazine, is the third rarest gemstone in the world.     
Ellensburg Blue Agate is a scattered deposit from glacial and volcanic activity, formed in the Miocene epoch.  It has a
distinctive pinkish tone when held up to incandescent light.   The color of the agate ranges from the light blue to sky blue thru
a cornflower blue to an almost purple royal blue.  Clouds, streaks, or bands may occur in the stone and graduates from nearly
opaque to transparent.  The hardness of Ellensburg Blue on the Mohs scale tests out at from 7.5 to 8.3 or harder on the scale.

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Virgin Valley, Nevada Opal Specimens
Holly Blue Agate from Oregon  (Purple/lavender
World Flair has a nice selection of Fire Agate
available for custom us to see
Ellensburg Blue
Scroll Filigree
14 Kt. Pendant   
Transluscent $1700.
Item  GJ008

Holly Agate 2 ct +
with 11 pts tw
Diam, 5 grams of
14 KW Custom
Ring  $549
Item GJ009
Holly Agate Cabochet
8.13 ct, nice rich
deep purple in 14Kt
Custom Pendant with
12 pts tw Diamonds.
$549.    GJ010
Designer Anne Holter
                Washington State Nephrite Jade                             Oregon Sunstone 12 ct, 14 Kt Pendant            
                                                                                                                                                    Recently found Ellensburg
Ellensburg Blue Agate on pasture               Cabochon in Sterling                                          Stones on dop sticks for cutting
Ladies 14Kt            
Cocktail ring
w/ Ellensburg          
Blue Agate
5 mm   Estate        
4.17 ct Ellensburg
Blue Agate
Ring Sz 11  New   
World Flair is the largest Ellensburg Blue Agate jewelry dealers in the  
State of Washington and offers only genuine Ellensburg Blue Agate for sale.

Ellensburg Blue Agate
Gent's Custom Ring in
14Kt. Sz 9 1/2   Price  $1800.
Item No. GJ007
                    14KY Ring 7 ct                              S/S Ring Sz 9 3/4                               3.86 ct 10KY Ring
                   Sz 6 1/2  $650.                                 6 ct   $400                                          Sz 10    $590.