In 1962 while in junior high, I got the "opal bug".   I cut my first stone ever, and chose a Australian Opal from the
Andamooka fields. Today, I have hundreds of cut stones, set jewelry and rough lapidary opal from all over the
world.   Opal remains my favorite gemstone to cut.  
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Spectacular 14 x 12 Opal, full of Color in new 14 Kt Filigree
      Ring $999.  Item OJ001      

   13.57 ct Australian Opal Custom Pendant in 14 Kt.Opal lots of
    great pastel colors -  $1999.00  Item OJ003   

   Olympic Ridge Australia Opal, 17.89 ct  $130 ct  $2325.



   Australian Opal Pendant Freeform Drop  24.12 ct set so either
   side can be worn.  $1299  OJ007  


   Lightening Ridge Black Opal 14 Kt Custom Pendant with Gem   
   Sugilite and Diamond accents  $3600.   Item OJ009

   Honey Opal Cabochon Australian w/greens, oranges, lavender,
   9.7 ct   23.5 x 13.5 mm   $850  CAB 002

   Australian Semi Black Opal 7.42 ct 25 x 11 mm  $840  CAB 003

   Large Australian Opal in Sz 5 Custom Ring -Full of color
    $1425.00           Item OJ013

   Mexican Fire Opal Dangle Earrings 14 Kt  $325.00  Item OJ014                         

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