Over the years we have collected dozens of Signed, Numbered Limited Art Editions
as well as many original acrylic and oil paintings.  For the first time, we are offering
these for sale.    On this page just  some  of the pieces we have are offered.   
We are set up for
payments via Paypal,
Mastercard or Visa

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Bev Doolittle                Christmas Day Give or Take a Day  - Framed SNL  No. 845 of 4591     

Bev Doolittle                Guardian Spirits SNL LE Print 22"x 25

Bev Doolittle                Two More Indian Horses  17040/48000 SNL 3 prints   12 x 12" -

Bev Doolittle                Three More for Breakfast  7192/20000 SNL

Bev Doolittle                 Eagle Heart SNL 53379/69996  22.5 x 22

Bev Doolittle                 Whoo - SNL Framed

Bateman                       Beaver Pond Reflections Artist Proof SNL 42/56  

Bateman                       Canada Geese (framed)

Bateman                       Dark Gyrfalcon

Bateman                       Peregrine Falcon on the Cliff

Bateman                       Giant Panda

Clarkson                       Spirit of the Plains

Terpning                       When Careless Spelled Disaster

Terpning                      The Story Teller

Chuck Ren                   Blue Thunder  1228/1700

Frederick                      Winter's Call  63/1200

Lyman                           Dance of Water and Light

Stephen Lyman            Morning Solitude 642/850 SNL

Stephen Lyman            Raptor's Watch 1154/1500      31 x 21.25 SNL

Stephen Lyman            An Elegant Couple  813/1000 SNL

Lyman                          High Creek Crossing SNL       163/1000

Lyman                          Into the Wilderness

Solberg                        Handsome Hunter

Wysocki                       Fun Lovin' Silly Folks SNL 2342/3000

Wysocki                       Christmas Greeting